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To get to our beautiful island you can fly to the nearest airport in Semarang, Central Java. From there you can choose to board a small plane directly to Karimunjawa (no online booking possible, departs Mondays  and  wednesdays), or take a taxi to Jepara harbor.

You can also board a small plane in Surabaya airport and fly directly to Karimnjawa at a very reasonable price (departs Tuesdays and Thusrdays. For booking in advance call Mr Bambang +6281233344426).

You may want to couple your visit to Karimun with a tour af Jogja, Central Java, and its nearby Borobudur temple. In that case we suggest you fly to Jogja airport, stay in Jogja, and than charter a car to Jepara. On your way to Jepara you can schedule a few hours to visit  the magnificent, must see, Borobudur temple.

From Jepara you can choose to board the bigger, cheaper but slower KM Siginjai which takes ca. 4 hrs to sail to Karimun. Or you can choose to board the smaller, slightly more expensive, but faster KM Bahari Express which only takes ca. 2 hrs to sail to Karimun.


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Bahari Express Schedule

(For additional info and schedule confirmation call +62 291 592999. In case calling doesn’t work just show up early on the day of departure or buy your ticket the day before at the harbor).

Monday       : From Jepara 9:00 am …From Karimun 12:00 pm

Tuesday      : From Jepara 9 am
Wednesday  : From karimun 11:00 am

Thursday     : no voyages

Friday           : From Jepara 9:00 am

Saturday      : From Karimun 7:00 am…From Jepara 10:00 pm

Sunday         : From Karimun 11:00 am




KM Siginjai Schedule

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(For additional info and schedule confirmation call +62 291 591048. Again, if calling doesn’t work, its best to show up a day before your departure and buy your ticket directly at the harbor).

Monday        : From Jepara 7:00 am

Tuesday        : From Karimun 7:00 am

Wednesday  : From Jepara 7:00 am

Thursday      : From karimun 7:00 am

Friday           : From Jepara 7:00 am..From Karimun 13:00 pm

Saturday       : From Jepara 7:00 am

Sunday          : From Karimun 7:00 am



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Kartini fast boat from Semarang to Karimun schedule:

Saturday 9:00 am

Kartini fast boat from Karimun to Semarang schedule:

Sunday 13:00 pm

Contact number: +62247606490




Fast boat Kendal- Karimun schedule:

Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am

Contact number: +6282241800700


Fast boat Karimun-Kendal schedule:

Thursday and Sunday 12:00 pm

Contact number: +6282326260343